“Over The River and Through The Woods” Treat Bowls


“Over The River and Through The Woods” Treat Bowls 

Creative & Merchandise Director: DeWitt (Dewey) Kendall

Concept and initial design: DeWitt Kendall


Design Objective: Create objects linked in new ways to familiar Christmas Traditions yet not limited by its trend positioning.


The intense deep sculpting brings to life the familiar Christmas tune “ Over the River and Through the Woods” .  Letting the sculpt and simple one color glaze technique tell the whole story these bowls actually reached a first cost 20% lower than previous holiday bowls which had relied on decals or fussy hand painting. They essentially come out of the mould ‘DONE’ with very little secondary process work.


These bowls placed immediately in the top 5% of the Atlanta introduction for that year and remained strong for two seasons.

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  • "Over the River" Deep-Sculpt Serving / Mixing Bowls: Glaze-wash High Fire Stoneware