Season to Season – Pass it forward plate

Season to Season Plate

Concept and Text: DeWitt (Dewey) Kendall

Creative and Merchandise Director: DeWitt (Dewey) Kendall


“ From house to house and year to year

   This plate comes with a load of cheer

   A plate of joy to share the season

   A heartfelt wish for any reason”


Design Objective: Recognizing the role of sharing treats in maintaining friendships and reaching out to others this plate builds on the successful line of pass-it-on formats.


Increasingly our customers have demanded an

absolutely NON-COMMERCIAL look with lots of variation and character. The experimental reactive glazes evoke the starry skies of a winter evening and feature a high-relief sculpt that is a joy to touch.

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  • Client: THT Designs
  • : Reactive Glaze Stoneware